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Ground and building vibration


Instantel Models:

Micromate Compact, Colour Touch screen


Accessories: Dual level alarms, External triggering


Series IV Medium term waveform, Long term histogram recording

Minimate Pro 4

Minimate Pro 4

Minimate Pro 6

Minimate Pro 6

Accessories: Dual level alarms, Extension transducer cables, Type 1 sound level microphone.


Noise and sound

Class 1
Type 1 Meters

Short term Analysis / Assessment
Not available at this time

Long Term Monitoring


Minimate Pro 4 with Type 1 sound level microphone

Minimate Pro 4 with Type 1 sound microphone


Machine vibration

Vibration Meters

Crystall Instruments: CoCo 80

Coco 80

Accessories: Tachometer, Accelerometers, Rotor Balancing.


Call 02102214040 or email dennispage@vibrationconsultants.co.nz

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